Grief Support Travel in Turkey

With Ella Indra, MS,LICSW

This tour is for those who are actively grieving the loss of a loved one. Grief is a difficult journey as it is, and to grieve in isolation can be our worst enemy. Most of us live in a culture where we don't feel that we have the permission to be ourselves and to express our grief fully and honestly. It takes courage to share not only our sadness but also our deep longing for the loved one and the loneliness that makes our hearts physically ache and our insides feel empty. We feel confused and embarrassed when we suddenly burst into tears in public for no apparent reason. We feel angry when we hear well meaning friends and family tell us that "they are in a better place" or "I know how you feel". We may feel guilty, have regrets, have doubts and feel abandoned. In the midst of this experience of vulnerability, despair, confusion and emotional pain, we feel we must hold it together, appear strong and grieve in an "acceptable" manner. 

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