Walk of the Soul - Nepal Trek

With Fehrunnisa Moore and Casey Bledsoe

Travelers of the heart, we invite you to join us for a growth-centered trek in the vast and exhilarating landscapes of Nepal. The Annapurna Sanctuary in the Himalayas exhibits some of the tallest and most magnificent mountains in the world, amongst a people that are warm, welcoming, and gentle.

Our small group of 10 will journey from the sacred temples of Kathmandu to the relaxing lakeside town of Pokhara, then, after several days trekking, on to the heights of Khopra Ridge at over 12,000 feet. Each day takes us through beautifully diverse landscapes of rhododendron forests, terraced valleys, rock staircases, rushing streams, and waterfalls, as well as offering opportunities to connect with Nepalese people in their home villages. A special daylong pilgrimage to a holy lake will take us up even higher, before we descend back into the valley to finish our 9-day trek at a hot springs.

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