Bali Sacred Pilgrimage

With Allaudin Ottinger,Jamila Cranston-Buckley, Grandmother Eila Jamia Haqq, Yasmin Scott, Jessica Bromby, & Akbar Miller

Join the Caravan to Bali!

Beloved Friends of the Friend, Spiritual Wayfarers, Pilgrims, Beloveds of the One

Join us for 13 days and 12 nights of Sufi Retreat, Sacred Pilgrimage, Healing, and Holy Nature as we journey together on the mystical island of Bali, keeping each other awake and polishing the lamps of our hearts, minds, and shine light into the world for all beings!

Sufi Teachings,Dances of Universal Peace, Zikr, Singing, Poetry, Meditation Temples, Shrines, Ceremonies, Sacred Monkey Forest, Healing, Balinesian Temple Dance, Gamelan Music, Batik and ikot, Local Coffee, Rice Paddies, Waterfalls Holy Volcanos, Coral Reefs, Beaches, Hot much more

Tour Info

Bali – “The Island of the Gods” – A Place for Spiritual Healing & Transformation

The island of 1,000 temples,” or sometimes called “the Island of the Gods”, is a truly special place in the world, where sacred reverence, ceremony, ancient temples, and its lush and breath-giving natural beauty combine to create a rich, spiritually transformative, nourishing, and healing place for this journey. The culture is its own distinctive Hindu culture – Saraswati, Ganesh, Lord Vishnu, Durga – their statues and prayers are littered across the landscape.

“Being A Light in the World”

While much of this journey is about self discovery, healing, and transformation – the theme, “Be A Light in the World” – is that we will be dedicating our practice, offering prayers and blessings, songs and dances for all beings, so needed at this time of war and environmental degradation. We’ll hopefully meet up and help a nonprofit that transforms plastic trash on the island into useful items, or some other service project to give back. Here in the haven of Bali, our prayers, selves, and spiritual work will be clarified, amplified, and magnified.

Spirit Guides – Asha and Halima

In 2020, Allaudin and Jamila planned to do this trip with beloved Asha Greer, and on this journey we bring her and that intention with us! We will be sharing her cards, and memories, along the way.

NZ! The Caravan Continues to Aotearoa / New Zealand afterwards...

Allaudin, Yasmin, Jamila, Grandmother Eila Jamia Haqq, and others are continuing to Aotearoa for dance retreats and the Urs celebration of Halima MacEwan at the Sharda Sufi Retreat Center. If you have the time – there are direct flights right from Bali to Auckland… ask for details!

Registration and Logistics

Shared Room: $2,444 ($2,777 After May 15)
Single Room: $2,999 ($3,333 after May 15)
(Room Upgrades, villas, available)

This covers accommodations, transportation, 2+ meals per day, entry fees, some tips, 1 massage, drinking water, and more.

Not included in price: international flights, drinks besides water, some tips, extra treatments, private healing sessions, exit ride to the airport ($30 or so).

Deposit of $700 to hold your place ($200 non-refundable)

Checks to: “Caravan” mailed to 4600 Lloyd St, Kansas City, KS 66103, memo: “Bali”
Paypal to:
Venmo to: @Dean-Ottinger-1
Credit Card over the phone, call Yasmin: 913-432-3365 (Please note, credit card and PayPal payments will add a 3% processing fee.)

Download and Email forms back for Registration

Where We‘ll Stay

Oct 4-9 or 4-11:
Royal Casa Ganesha, Ubud. Oct 11-14: Pemutaran, Amertha Villas and Taman Sari Villas. Oct 14-16: Royal Casa Ganesah or other location in Ubud. If we can find the right place in the mountains, we’ll stay in the mountains for 2 nights, Oct 9-11.

Ubud: Royal Casa Ganesha

Set amongst lush rice paddies outside the hustle and bustle of Ubud, Royal Casa Ganesha offers a beautiful meditation shalla for dances and practice, bamboo gathering space, rooftop outlook, infinity pool, spa, and constant reminder to unblock the way and invoke Ganesha’s powerful assistance! Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha...

Pemuteran: Amertha Villas & Taman Sari Villas

In the far northwest corner of the island of Bali is the secluded and quiet beach of Pemuteran, where we still stay for three nights, soaking up sun, sand, sea-salt, venturing to nearby Menjangan Island by boat, and situated right next to Bali’s only national park! The waters are full of fish and coral, and lodging is right next to the water

The Steps Of the Journey’s Path (Itinerary)

Note: The itinerary is still being finalized and some changes in the final itinerary might occur.


Immersing the Heart - October 4-9: Ubud and Surrounding Areas

We set up camp in Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, an epicenter of sacred dance, craft such as ikat batik, temples, the home of the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest, set in a tapestry of deep green rice paddies. We will begin in Ubud and take several days here to arrive, cleanse, join together as a group in breath, song, and dance, and take half-day excursions to uplift our spirits and link in with the spirit of the Island of Bali

Ascending the Sacred Mountains - October 9 – 11: Besikeh Mother Temple, Mt. Agung, Floating Temple

The landscape is presided over by Bali’s beautiful volcanic peaks – Mount Agung and Mount Batur – where you’ll find the “Mother Temple” – Temple Besakih – the oldest and most important of temples in Bali. Temple Besakih is really a complex of 23 different temples! Mount Agung is over 10,000’ tall, and in the Hindu pantheon, the gods live there, atop it. We’ll spend two nights and days exploring the mountainous center of Bali, and shinining the light of our prayers from the highlands.

Diving Into The Ocean of Light - October 11 – 14: Pemuteran, Pulau Menjangan, West Bali

We journey to the far northwest corner of Bali, far from the madding crowds, to stay in the quiet beachside villas of Pemuteran. The villas are right on the water, so we can have practices and dances on the beach. Crystal clear waters surround! And nearby teeming coral reefs.

Return Again - October 14 – 16: Ubud, Uluwatu, Home

We drive back along the west and south side of the island through the national park, rice paddies and temples to return to Ubud for the last two nights of the journey. The next day we sing, dance, eat, and pray our way to the South Peninsula to visit the cliffs overlooking the sea, where we visit the renowned Uluwatu Temple for sunset Balinesian Temple and Fire Dance, overlooking the waves.


Allaudin Ottinger

Allaudin Ottinger is a long time practitioner in the way of love, harmony, and beauty. As a lifelong musician, he’s presented in a variety of settings throughout the world, sacred Sufi music, world music, children’s music and more. He’s also recorded several albums of Sufi music, jazz, and poetry over the last few years. Recognized as a senior teacher in the Sufi Ruhaniat Order. He has led Dances of Universal Peace since 1979, and is a mentor/member of the DUP network, Cherag, DHO initiate, husband, father, grandfather, oh, joy! With great thanks to his teachers, AllaudinO continues to travel the world and present the Sufi message. He’s helped to steer the Ozark Sufi Camp for 42 years. Led Camps at the Abode in New York, Lama foundation in New Mexico, Mendocino Woodlands Camp in California, amongst many beautiful places he has been. He has helped to lead tours to Ajmer, India (Moineddin Chishti tomb), Uluru (Aboriginal sacred site) Western Australia, Burning Man of the Nevada Desert. But most of all, he is looking to help the Caravan of Body, Heart, Mind, Soul of every being That he encounters along the way. This Breath is the One That Counts!

Jamila Cranston-Buckley

Jamila Cranston-Buckley is a student of life. She has worked in the fields of Well Being for 40 years. A practitioner of Oriental Healing, Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, Jamila continues to deepen in understanding the Five Elements as they manifest through every aspect of life. She treasures the philosophy of Wholeness and Interdependence of living systems found in approaches such as Sufi teachings, Oriental Medicine and ‘Perma-Dynamics’. Her passions are gardening, exploring wellbeing through movement, eating well, being in community, growing communication skills, cultivating compassion and consciously working with all states of mind. Her focus is tuning and polishing her Heart-Being, to listen more fully and deeply to self, others and life. Jamila is the Inayatiyya’s National Representative for New Zealand and holds the work of the ‘Inner School’. She guides individual and group retreats to tend heart, soul, unfold unique gifts and purpose of life.

Grandmother Eila Jamia Haqq

Jamia Haqq (Eila Paul) of Tainui descent has been walking a spiritual path all her life. Introduced to the Inayatiyya in 1997 she was soon initiated by the late Murshida Halima McEwan at the Sharda Centre, Aotearoa/New Zealand. Through her Maori heritage, having a strong connection with nature drew her to the Inayatiyya’s annual Summer Camp in Switzerland in 2002, where she was initiated into Ziraat by Pir Zia. In the last 15 years she has been a trustee, and at times custodian and kaitiaki/guardian, of the Sharda Centre, caring for the beautiful natural native forest, stream and visitors with an outward expression of her inner path.

Yasmin Scott

Yasmin Scott is devoted to the Sacred, coming forth in many forms. Her deep resonance with light and nurturance, lead her to mentor and teach art studies to hundreds of children for decades. Yasmin studied closely with Murshida Vera Corda, incorporating her Holistic Child Guidance course into her teachings, she led Murshida Vera’s New Moon Light practice for a group of women for many years. Yasmin has helped to birth the 42-year-old Ozark Sufi camp and years of sufi classes in Kansas City, and she is recognized as a senior teacher in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. Mother to two amazing children and grandmother to four girls.

Akbar Chris Miller & Jessica Bromby

Jessica has dedicated her life to the path of the heart and of the friend. Raised on a farm in rural Quebec, she has always loved nature and all of creation. She is very grateful to join on this sacred tour to Bali with you all. Jessi is a healer, a singer, a student, a teacher, a guide in the Inayatiya Sufi Order, leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, Cherag, Ziraat Farmer and zikr leader. She serves as a Shefayat in the Sufi Healing Order, and guides healing retreats locally and remotely. With her husband Akbar, she helps to organize many beautiful programs at Rising Tide in Sarasota, and has travelled worldwide on sacred journeys with David Less Tours and the Grandmothers. She has worked with children her whole life, leading camps, programs, teaching at her local nature school (Mangrove), and now leading a rights of passage program with young teens called Daughters of the Earth. “I am grateful to serve and be a part of this beautiful journey on this great caravan of light and love, it is a deep blessing to travel together and share in love, harmony and beauty and – “to be a light in this world.”

Akbar Chris Miller - poet, nature enthusiast, Inayati Order Representative, Dance Leader... Akbar is a Suluk Grad, Rev. Cherag, and Healing Conductor. Co-founder and Chair, for the Inayati Young Adults Council from 2017-2022. He offers meditation, nature retreats, zikrs, workshops, teen and young adult workshops and jams, and poetry classes, often with his wife Jessica, ... He is currently carrying around a notebook and typewriter everywhere and studying poetry in the Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers. He has helped organize and lead pilgrimages with the Grandmothers to Native Lands in the American SW, to Europe, and India, the Holy Land, Turkey, and China with David Less Tours, founded by Shahabuddin Less, who lived in Bali for two years, and has put us in touch with local organizers who will be taking care of us on the journey along with Akbar, who is your tour coordinator looking after everyone and helping weave the container for this sacred journey to Bali.

For information & registration: Akbar Miller 941-993-9994