Dates will be confirmed in May 2019

Sacred Journey to Gangotri

WITH Swami Sundaranand-Ji & Shahabuddin David

Grand Opening Ceremony of Swami Sundaranand’s Gangotri Meditation Complex, Photography Gallery, & Meditation Tower. Join us to Witness & Celebrate the Culmination of Swamiji’s Life’s Work

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Swami Sundaranand’s long awaited project is reaching completion this September. Already complete is his multi-story photophraphy gallery which doubles as a guest-house, showcasing photographs from his wanderings in the Himalaya, and of many notable and holy beings and sadhus. Also completing in September will be his meditation tower, overlooking the blessed Ganges River at a powerful waterfall where 4,000 years ago, the Swamis assert the Ganges was born from glaciers.

This project is the culmination of Swamiji’s life’s work. He is over 93 years old, and continuing to stay alive to the confoundment of western medical doctors without multiple organs. He is practicing meditation and yoga nidra for long hours, dedicating himself to meditation, Samadhi, and the opening of this meditation complex and gallery.

Join Shahabuddin David Less Satchitananda Swami on a journey to Gangotri, one of Hinduism’s holiest places, to visit and ask the blessing of a Guardian of the Ganges, the Himalayas, Nature, Spirituality, and Yoga, Swami Sundaranand-Ji.

Grand Opening Ceremony This September

Itinerary Subject to change at the guidance, need, or discretion of David Less Tours

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