May 29th - June 9th 2015

Israel Abrahamic Reunion Tour

with David and Anna Less

Dear Fellow Travelers,

The Holy Land is represented to be the Heart Center of our planet, and we are offering a tour to bring our own hearts in attunement with that legendary heart center.

There is much inner and outer work that can be done there now, both for the traveler and for the places we visit. We want to share with you some of the incredible people we know who are affecting the future of Israel and Palestine in positive ways.

One whole day will be devoted to a full event of the Abrahamic Reunion, bringing together Christians, Muslims, Druze, and Jews, to eat, pray, and get to know each other.

Just by our showing up as a group of caring people, we support and comfort so many people there who are struggling to maintain a banner of harmony in these troubled times.

At the same time, we will visit the holy sites, meditate in special and secret places, spread our joy and hope, and get a feel for the ancient home of the western religions.

Anna and I have been to Israel countless times, and there’s much that we’d love to share. We also have many friends who are incredibly knowledgeable about the history and traditions to be found in this remarkable land.

Schedule TBD

The cost is $4,800 USD, Not Including International Airfares

UPDATE: Turkey portion of the trip has been called off.

If you’re interested in this trip, please let us know early, as both trips are limited in size. You can contact Chris Miller: 941-993-9994, with any questions or to reserve your place. $1,000 deposit holds your place - due by December 15th.