September 12th - September 23rd, 2015

Tour to Gangotri

with David and Anna Less

Swamiji and Shahabuddin David Less

Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers Through Life,

David and Anna Less invite you to join them in doing a powerful puja (ceremony) with Swami Sundaranand Ji in Gangotri. This puja will initiate and open the Meditation Tower, Guest House, and Photo Gallery that Swami Ji has been envisioning for much of his life. Shahabuddin says Swamiji will invite high swamis and yogis from all over India to participate in this puja, which is the culmination of the lifework of Swami Ji - to commemorate the Ganges, to celebrate spiritual practice and meditation next to the beloved waterfall where the sacred Ganges River was born, and to create a place to remember the disappearing glaciers of the Himalayas via the gorgeous photography that will be in the gallery. The Guest House will offer accommodation to spiritual seekers wishing to experience the powerful blessing of this place which has been kept holy by swamis and yogis.

We are also actively raising funds for Swami Ji's building projects: for more info, photos, and to donate, click here.

More information will be sent out soon about Shahabuddin's journey to the birthplace of the Ganges river to visit Swami Sundaranand Ji and his Meditation Tower & Ganges Monument in Gangotri - many of you have been asking for details and wishing to know more about this trip, and here are the details:


Itinerary subject to change at the guidance of David Less or Swami Sundaranand Ji.

September 12 - 14:
Delhi: Visit to the Dargah of Hazrat Inayat Khan, sightseeing.

September 14 - 15:
Dehradun: foothills of the Himalayas.

September 15:
Helicopter ride or drive to Gangotri as preferred

September 15 - 20:
Gangotri: This is the culmination of the efforts of Swami Sundaranand Ji's lifework and sadhana - to build the meditation tower, guest house, and photo gallery he has envisioned at the birthplace of the Ganges River, 10,000 feet high in the Himalayas in Gangotri. He will host a major Puja (ceremony) and will be inviting high swamis and yogis from all over India to participate in the sacred opening of his meditation monument.

We will also sit and meditate with Swami Sundaranand Ji at his home, Tapovan Kuti, next to the sacred waterfall where the Ganges River was born, a place of palpable baraka and spiritual power. This is the same hut his master, Swami Tapovan Maharaj did his lifelong sadhana (spiritual practice), and meditations will most likely be at the hut of Swami Tapovan where Swami Sundaranand Ji lives.

We will visit the meditation tower and monument being constructed by Swami Sunaranand Ji (click here for more information about this project, Facebook page), and sit with him and Shahabuddin David Less in meditation and spiritual practice for 5 days at a schedule determined by Swami Ji.

September 21:
Fly to Dehradun and Delhi

September 21 - 23

September 23rd:
Noon Checkout, tour officially ends after breakfast.

Deposit: $1,000 by May 15th

Price: $5,400 by July 1st

(For alternate payment arrangements, timeframes, etc., please contact Akbar, contact below.)


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