Turkey By Land and Sea

October 5th (U.S. Departure) / October 6th (European Departure) - October 20th, 2011

Egypt Bazaar

Our adventure will take us straight to the soul of Turkish culture as we explore the everlasting beauty of it's majestic land. From spice bazaars and carpet shops to mosques and churches we will delight in all that Turkey has to offer. The timeless cities of Istanbul, Konya, Antalya (also known as the Turkish Riviera) and Cappadocia, with it's lunar like landscape of hidden caves and underground cities, introduce us to the essence of Turkish mysticism and allure.

Luxor Temple, Egypt

In addition to exploring the more well-known destinations of Turkey, such as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and the tomb of Jelaluddin Rumi in Konya, we offer a peaceful and intimate perspective as we sail along the southwest coast aboard an elegant hand-carved wooden yacht.

turkey-cruiseWe will cruise along the warm, calm, crystal blue waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas surrounded by breathtaking mountains and stunning beaches. Along the way we will anchor to explore secluded, sun-glittered bays, stroll peaceful paths to quaint villages and take in the purity of scenery unspoiled by tourism. We will spend some evenings along the waterfront of small port towns experiencing local hospitality in neighborhood shops and cafes.

olivesturkish-prezelsAs we sail the serene seas of the Turquoise Coast (rumored to have been a wedding gift from Marc-Antony to Cleopatra due to it's unparalleled beauty) we will visit ancient cities graced with beautiful mosques and mausolea as well as remote coves and forests perfect for relaxing swims and revitalizing walks. The food is exceptional both on and offshore. With activities including kayaking, diving, snorkeling, hiking, and exploring ancient ruins this journey is the perfect balance of relaxation, recreation, history, and culture.

two-womenWhat will make this trip even more special is the depth of experience and knowledge of our guide Salih Orgun. With advanced degrees in Medieval art, a wealth of inner wisdom, and the ability to fulfill the needs of guests seemingly out of thin air, Salih transforms moments into magic.

Throughout our outer journey, we will also take time for the inner journey, allowing for reflection and meditation. Each day will begin with an optional early morning meditation led by David. We will also visit local Sufis in Istanbul and Konya.

Due to the size of the boat, space is limited to 22 people.


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Cost, excluding airfare: $4470 USD/ €3190 Euros